Scholar Athlete of the Week – Celeste Chiles


This week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week is Port St. Joe’s Celeste Chiles!

Celeste Chiles has been the Port St. Joe starting goalkeeper since the end of her 7th grade year.

“Most of my best friends play soccer so its cool because we’re always having a good time at practice and throughout the games. We’re just always laughing, and we all wanna be here and have a great time,” said Celeste. 

“I’ve watched her play her whole career, and she’s always been a leader. She’s always worked really hard. She spends a lot of time off the pitch and even after our practices for school getting training and work on her skill and honing it. It shows all the time,” said Port St. Joe Girls Soccer Head Coach Bobby Alexander.

As a respected veteran on the team, Celeste takes her leadership role seriously.

“I always try to be a good role model, especially to the younger players, because after I leave this year they’ll be the legacy,” said Celeste.

“She’s always really encouraging. She always wants her teammates to know that she believes in them, and she’s just the athlete that you really want to have, especially in the goal,” said Alexander. 

Celeste also plays volleyball and runs track – all on top of holding office as class president. 

“Maintaining a 4.1 GPA can be difficult, especially while taking college classes my senior year, but most of my friends take it, as well, so we’re all just there for each other and supportive,” said Celeste.

“She makes sure she puts enough time in her day to do those things, to make sure that her grades come first, to make sure that she’s a scholar and she’s an athlete. I just think she has a really great gift at time management. She really does,” said Alexander. 

Celeste hopes to continue her academic and athletic career at Polk State, playing soccer and majoring in education.

“It’s close to family down there, and it’s a chance for me, because I’ve lived here all my life, it’s a chance for me to get out and explore, and they have very good athletics,” said Celeste.

Celeste has her sights set on ending up where it all began.

“I wanna come back here and be a, hopefully, second grade, elementary school teacher, and my dad’s a pole vault coach here so I’m gonna follow in his steps and be pole vault coach,” said Celeste.

“I always try to tell kids, especially kids that show the heart and desire that she does, that the sky is the limit. If you keep your dream adn you work at it, you can make that happen. For her, her dreams are so realistic. They’re grabable for her,” said Alexander. 

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