Scholar Athlete of the Week – Brianna Walker


This week’s Scholar Athlete sponsored by Bill Cramer Chevrolet is Blountstown’s Brianna Walker!

Blountstown’s Brianna Walker has been playing volleyball since 7th grade. She was encouraged to tryout for the team by her friends.

“It’s played a big role. It really helps me get out of my head. If I’m stressed out, I can just play volleyball. It’s really fun, and playing it with my friends makes it a lot better,” said Walker.

“She’s really been the glue and the beginning point for this program to get us started. We both started together. This is the first class that’s graduating with me, but she was always that kid I could count on to get the team up, I could count on her to make a big play. She’s just always been real solid and steady all four years,” said Summers.

Brianna is also solid and steady academically, managing a heavy courseload throughout her high school career, including dual enrollment at Chipola College. 

“I just had to use my time at study halls and after practice. Instead of going home, taking a nap, I just had to get in my books and try to figure everything out,” said Walker.

“They’ll have study halls. They’re constantly working because there’s times we get out of practice late and they don’t want to go home and do their homework. So she manages her time well and does what it takes to get good grades in the classroom,” said Summers.

Brianna has big plans on continuing her education after high school graduation.

“After graduation, I plan to go to Chipola for two years. I’m planning to major in biology, and I want to transfer to the University of Florida,” said Walker.

“There’s no doubt that whatever Bri decides she wants to do, she’s gonna be good at it. She works hard. She applies everything that you tell her and applies it into what she does. She’s gonna be successful with anything, and I have no doubt about that,” said Summers.

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