This week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week sponsored by Bill Cramer Chevrolet is Bay’s Aaron Curry! 

“I grew up in Bay High’s wrestling room… I toddled around the mats, played around with all the guys. Seeing that hard work – it’s kind of translating into my high school career,” said Aaron.

Aaron was first introduced to wrestling by his older brother, who wrestled at Bay High. Now, Aaron is following in his footsteps. 

“Over the summers I’ve been to a lot of camps, met a lot of really great people. It’s just been a really great sport that builds boys into men so I really love it,” said Aaron. 

“Aaron is a student of the sport. He loves it. He watches it. He breathes it. He went away for a month and a half this summer to camps out of state. It’s a part of him. He’s definitely a wrestler,” said Bay Wrestling Head Coach Vern Barth.

Aaron began wrestling after moving to England in 2010. His stepfather is in the military, so he moved to the UK with his family for four years. 

“I mean you got to travel Europe, wrestle, play baseball, all that kind of stuff, but we’d go to London for tournaments and stuff so that was kind of cool,” said Aaron.

Despite a demanding athletic schedule, school has always remained a priority. 

“I take a lot of dual-enrolled classes, a lot of ACE classes with our ACE program here at Bay High School. I’m trying to get that ACE diploma,” Aaron.

“One thing about him – he’s very versatile. He knows how to manage his time properly, and he has a great family that supports him and gives him great direction,” Barth.

Aaron plans on majoring in biochemistry in hopes of becoming a surgeon. 

“I’ve always wanted to help people. I know that’s a little cliche, but I’ve always been the type of guy who, if I see someone in trouble, I help them out. It’s just one of those cool things where you can do a little bit more than the Average Joe,” said Aaron.

“No matter what he sets his sights on, he’s going to do great at it. He is smart enough to have several options available. He’s opened up different doorways and different avenues to try to reach his goals, and he wants to go into the medical field. He’s smart enough to do it and determined enough. He’s going to be successful,” said Barth.