Some of the reaction around college football following the death of veteran college football coach Mike Leach:

Every conversation with Mike made you think. His humor, depth and point of view continually challenged all of us to think differently and reevaluate our perspectives. His innovative approach to the game contributed to the evolution of college football. — SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.

It’s hard to put into words the impact that Mike Leach had on the players he coached, the game of football and me personally. He was a unique personality and independent thinker and a great friend. No one had a greater influence on my life other than my father. — TCU coach Sonny Dykes.

I think that everything to him was about functionality. I think that’s why he was able to beat people that might have had more talent. Because he just had such a practical, highly functional way of looking at things. – Former Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen, now at Auburn.

I was in 1st grade when Graham threw the ball to Crabtree against Texas. Thank you for giving me a chance as a 17 year old. From Wazzu, to Mississippi State I will never forget everything you taught me and the relationship we had. I will see you again someday coach. – Mississippi State QB Will Rogers.

His offensive philosophy and vision were ahead of his time, and they continue to shape the game today. Off the field, he was one of a kind – an incredible storyteller, a man full of wisdom and someone who always cared about his former players and coaches. – Tennessee coach Josh Heupel.

We had some disagreements. Like, I’m kind of the opposite on the aliens/ Bigfoot deal. And we used to have arguments over Quanah Parker and Geronimo. I’m a Quanah Parker guy. And, over Comanches and Apaches, who were the better warriors … We pretty much agreed on pirates. And, we pretty much had agreement on Civil War history. We disagreed on things like What-a-Burger and In-N-Out Burger. I mean, we probably covered it all. We were together for 10 years and we did a lot of that. — retired coach Hal Mumme.

I think Mike’s legacy is that he’s a brilliant guy who people were totally entertained to be around. And he was a coach who was never afraid to work without a net. He’s the most honest person I’ve ever known. – Mumme.

Our sport was better because of Mike Leach and is far less interesting without him. – Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury.

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