SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) – The Rutherford girls basketball team is ranked No. 7 in Class 4A and hoping their youthful talent can push them toward a deep post-season run.

The Rams, 17-3, currently have the best winning percentage of any Rutherford girls team at this point in the season ever.

They began the season a perfect 11-0 and the team is flooded with youthful talent. Head coach Jasmine Threatt said many of her girls have played together since 6th grade, and have more varsity experience than most seniors.

“Since I’ve had them since they were in middle school,” Threatt said. “I’ve definitely gotten to see the growth, especially that core group from the 6th grade to now they’re in the 10th grade, so that’s a joy as a coach to watch them and see how they’ve grown and matured, especially their love for the game.”

The Rams are lead but a sophomore trio, Shakirah Edwards, Nautica Bouie, and Braniya Baker, who all average near or over 15 points per game, and Edwards said they have a strong bond of the court as well.

“Me, Braniya, and Nautica, we’re friends outside of basketball and off the court,” Edwards said. “And I feel like that comes with a big part of being together on the court and stuff.”

With all the peaks the Rams have had this season, many valleys have followed. The team has been riddled with injuries, and Bouie said their biggest hit was been the recent injury of Braniya Baker.

“First we started off with 12 players, now we’re down to like seven,” Bouie said. “And now Braniya with the injury. I feel like with all that is going on we’re getting in our head a lot but I feel like we can always push through, and we’re going to.”

The Rams will return the majority of their production next season, but sophomore Shakirah Edwards said they have no intention of waiting to push for a deep post-season run.

“It’s not just like I want to win next year and stuff like that,” Edwards said. “It’s okay, but I want to win one this year, if my mindset is set like that, if I want to win a championship this year I’m going to do it, and we can do it.”

Rutherford has three more regular-season games remaining before they prepare for districts.