PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Since 2010, World Class Athletics’ cheer teams have won 181 national championships.

Three of those titles were won back in January when the teams competed at All Out Nationals in Orlando.

Not only did three of their teams win it all, but all of the others that competed finished in the top two of their division.

These athletes said the best part about winning these titles is seeing the hard work pay off.

“Bittersweet almost, you put in all this hard work and all these hours at the gym. You do sacrifice a lot to be a competitive cheerleader it’s definitely almost a full time job like you are constantly working when something is not perfect you come in and work on it, so to hit on the mat and that feeling it’s great, when you come off the stage, wow, it really does pay off,” World Class Athletics cheerleader Perri Hughes said.

“I mean it’s amazing , especially going to school wearing the rings, everybody always asks you, and say wow congrats, eve people I don’t know come up to me and tell me congratulations. Every time stepping in the gym, it’s more than just a banner, you see everything, you see the routine, you see the blood, sweat and tears and it’s just an amazing experience,” World Class Athletics cheerleader Erin Burke said.

World Class Athletics coach and owner CJ Green said they are not done competing this season as they have plenty more competitions to attend.

They also have tryouts for their eight teams coming up in May.