SANDHILLS, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bozeman baseball team is ranked No. 1 in Class 1A heading into the final week of the regular season.

The team has eight seniors on the roster with several heading to play college baseball next year and senior center fielder Brody Langlotz said they have high expectations heading toward the playoffs.

“We have a handful of seniors, so I mean, all of us are playing our last high school year so I think it kind of touches our hearts a little bit differently,” Langlotz said. “And we have a few younger guys that are going to be a huge part of our team in the next coming years but they know how much it means to us.”

Last season, the Bucks fell to Chipley in the region finals and that’s a game senior pitcher Jeremy Todd said they still wish they could get back.

“I think last year left a really sour taste in all of our mouths,” Todd said. “I know me especially I wasn’t too happy about it, so every time I lifted this fall, every practice I think about how I want to get back to that game, that’s just one step to get to the big goal, but that’s a huge step and we’re going to take them down his year.”

At 18-3. the Bucks have only lost to teams of a higher classification than they are, and head coach Jeff Patton said they put their schedule together to be battle-tested for the postseason.

‘We don’t shy away from the goal,” Patton said. “The goal every year is to get to Fort Myers and to win district championships and win the region championship so it’s stuff we talk about, it’s their goal too, we’re not going to be afraid of it, we don’t run from it, we know that in order to do that we’re going to have to beat good pitching and so we try to play teams that are going to show us that so when we see something in the playoffs that it’s not foreign to us, it’s not unfamiliar.”

The Bozeman batting has been fantastic this year averaging over 10 runs per contest, but they’ve been doing that without their star slugger in the lineup, Jeremy Todd, who will soon be returning from injury.

“We already get hyped up when he pitches,” Langlotz said. “So, as well as he did last year, having him back hitting, and having two bombs before he got hurt, I mean we’re excited, we’re pumped.”

Todd could return to the lineup as soon as their game on Tuesday against Bay.

“Hopefully I can get back in the box and just create havoc for the other team,” Todd said. “But I think it’s a testament of what the other guys have really done, knowing that it’s not just one guy on the team that can produce runs, it’s been one through nine.”

The Bucks have the date for the state championship circled on their calendars and they feel this is the season they will finally get the job done.

“We can do it,” Langlotz said. “If we just play together we can bring that banner home to not just us, the city, our classmates, our teachers, they all want us to do it and I think we can do it this year and I think I like our odds.”