PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WMBB) — You won’t find them on the roster, but you can find them on the sideline of every practice and every game.

Ben Wilker and Javion Jones are the managers for the Port St. Joe football team.

“Every time someone has pride in their job you appreciate it and both of them take a lot of pride in being a Port St. Joe Tiger Shark and being a part of this community and being a part of the sports programs we have here,” Head football coach, Tanner Jones said.

Ben has been a part of the Tiger Sharks for five years now.

“It’s coach Ben,” Jones said. “He puts his whistle around his neck and he’s gonna help string out with whatever he’s got going on and whatever we need cleaned up or picked up off the field he does it.”

Javion, also known as string bean or the purple flash, has helped with the team for 13 years since he was in middle school.

“I pick string up every day and again if it was a bad day when I pick him up he’s gonna tell me about the weather,” Jones said. “He’s gonna ask me about certain people and he listens and he knows. He knows what’s going on. At the end of practice, I take String home. If it was a bad practice we’re gonna talk about it. We’re going to figure it out by the time I drop him off.”

String doesn’t accept monetary payment for his work, but he certainly does receive compensation.

“Give him some Star Crunches and Mountain Dews, so that and some nice Port St. Joe gear,” Jones said. “But he works his tail off and does a lot for us.”

Not only are Ben and Javion great helpers, but also an inspiration to the players.

“I think our players are fortunate to have those guys around and to be able to look at them and say you know no matter what life has given you that day it’s not that bad,” Jones said. “No matter if it’s 98 degrees out or if it’s raining. Those two guys are going to be out there running around having the time of their life.”

Ben and Javion will be back on the sidelines Friday night, as the Tigers Sharks are set to host Pike Liberal Arts from Troy, Alabama.