Sneads head football coach reflects on staying in an RV on the team’s field after Hurricane Michael

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SNEADS, Fla. (WMBB)– Sneads head football coach Bill Thomas spent a couple of weeks in an RV on his team’s field following the storm.

“We didn’t really know what to expect, woke up the next morning our whole world had been turned upside down, I remember looking at a house the next morning going there’s no way we’re gonna be able to live in that again,” Thomas said.

Like countless others, he and his family were left without power and water, so hooking the camper that belonged to his parents up to the field allowed them to take hot showers.

His family was able to clean up the debris that was left behind when his home and property were damaged and they are now back in the home.

“Everything’s kind of back to normal at home,” he said.

Thomas said the storm bonded his football team. Several players would get their only hot shower at the school’s FFA building after practice.

“I said y’all come to practice just to get a shower, that was a kinda neat thing, so we did a lot of meals together after the hurricane, which I think brought us a little bit closer as a unit,” Thomas said.

The football field and facilities were damaged as well however most have now be repaired.

“We ended up getting new scoreboard, and new roof on the field house, and concession stands, and press box, some of that worked out for the better they were aged a little bit,” Thomas said.

The building attached to the weight room where they would meet on the weekends to watch game film has not been replaced and there is still no bathroom in the weight room. However, the Pirates aren’t focusing on those things.

“After seeing how bad it was, to know that’s all that we really lost, these kids here they still understand what we went through, so they know not everything’s not gonna be fixed over night,” Thomas said.

The Pirates along with all other teams in the area are continuing to fight adversity as they continue on with a season that is constantly impacted by COVID-19.

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