PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — This week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week sponsored by Perry and Young P.A. is Bozeman’s, Zoe Batton.

Batton is hitting over .400 this year, with an OBP of .500. She also has 16 runs scored.

“Well she is probably one of the most flexible players I’ve ever coached,” Bozeman Softball Coach Jared Smith said. “I mean I can put her anywhere on the field and she’s going to excel. She works hard, she hits the ball all over the field. So especially as she is going to the next level at Enterprise, that coach is getting a great ballplayer that can do and will do anything that her future team needs her.”

After graduating from Bozeman Batton plans to attend Enterprise State and become a veterinarian after college.

“When I was little I used to have like four dogs and three fish,” Batton said. “And now I have a parrot and I had a tortoise. So I’ve always loved taking care of them. And then the Ag program here at Bozeman also helped me with my love for being a vet.”

Batton has a 4.1 GPA and will play softball at Enterprise State. She said she wanted to play college softball since she was five years old. Her sister also played softball at Bozeman and graduated a couple of years ago.

“It’s definitely big shoes to fill with her graduating two years ago,” Batton said. “And just, it’s always been competitive, we’ve always compare like batting average, we always compare RBIs, hits. But it’s also, it makes me better. It makes me a better athlete, it makes me a better person, and a better student.”