CHIPLEY, Fla. (WMBB) – This week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week sponsored by Perry and Young P.A. is Chipley’s, Emma Shiver.

Shiver is a senior at Chipley and a captain on the cheer team, but since football season went till December for the Tigers, she has been extremely busy now that competitive cheer and basketball have started.

“I have competitive cheer and basketball practice every single day,” Shiver said. “And then when we don’t have practice we’re likely to have basketball games and then making stuff for the football team and signs for Friday nights and just being here to support is a lot but it’s very fun.”

The elongated season resulted in extra games and preparation for sideline cheer, and Chipley head cheer coach Abby Register said that during the process, Shiver stood out as a leader.

“The fact that she continues to show up, put in the work, hit the practices, double practices, it shows, it sets the bar high for ones coming in, the ones that are currently on the team to you know keep up, to keep pushing through and keep doing what everybody needs to do,” Shiver said.

Shivers assistant cheer coach, Allison Montezuma, said she is the perfect representation of what all Chipley students should strive to be.

“She absolutely loves Chipley,” Montezuma said. “Before this game started she was instrumental in making sure that we had the run through sign you ready for this game and I mean and making sure that everything was set up for the boys she wanted this to be a great experience for the boys and so she absolutely shows, in the classroom obviously pride for Chipley high school, but obviously on the court and as a cheerleader, absolutely bleeds blue and gold.”

Shiver has put in equal work in the classroom, holding a 3.4 GPA and being involved in several clubs. After graduation, she plans to become a nurse and work in women’s health.

“Well I want to get my masters, and I’ve always been drawn to delivering babies and stuff, that’s where I want to go I want to help people deliver babies because I always thought that was a beautiful thing,” Shiver said.

Shiver knows her workload is extreme, but as she finishes up her final year at Chipley high school, she doesn’t regret one minute representing the Tigers.

“Chipley is a big family,” Shiver said. “The community support is amazing in every single sport. We’re a very close town and we stick together, we’re a big family.”