SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) – This week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week sponsored by Perry and Young P.A. is Rutherford’s, Chad Allgood.

Allgood is the captain of Ram’s wrestling team and began in the sport when he was in the third grade. Rutherford head wrestling coach Jardod Melvin said he is the perfect example of the type of athlete he wants to coach.

“He really started shining as a leader last year and especially this year because he’s my only senior, Melvin said. “He’s a great captain, great kid, he gets frustrated at himself more than anything but he’s great on the mat, great off the mat, and he tries to do his best up the hallways also.”

In addition to wrestling, Allgood was one of the top playmakers on the Ram’s football team, and he also leads off the field in the classroom and said he has a few tricks to stay on top of it all.

“Go to class mainly,” Allgood said. “Focus as hard as I do in the classroom as I do in sports, and even outside of the classroom, study as hard as you can, and just focus, just like football and wrestling.”

“He puts in the work on and off the field and he does what he can to improve in all areas,” Coach Melvin said. “He reaches out to teachers and coaches no matter if it’s up the hallways or out on the field or on the mat, so he’s always looking to improve something.”

As a senior, Allgood became Rutherford’s SGA Vice President and said he is always looking for an opportunity to help out others.

“We just try to help the community as much as possible and try to give back as much as possible and show them that Rutherford is not just a bad place,” Allgood said. “Many great people come from there so we just want to put that out there.”

Allgood is undecided where he would like to attend college but he said he hasn’t ruled out pursuing athletics at the next level.

“I’d like to play both again if that’s possible,” Allgood said. “But I’m leaning more towards wrestling now so, hopefully, there’s wrestling in my future and hopefully, possibly there’s football as well.”