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SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) – It may not be the summer practices the Rutherford football team is used to as these new ones are filled with temperature checks, small groups and lots of social distancing.

However, most of the players didn’t seem to mind, they were just happy to be back.

“It’s been two and a half months stuck in the house and I’m just glad to be back on the field and putting in the work and getting my body right,” Rutherford football player Xavier Stillgess said.

Rutherford actually had to limit how much of their team could come to the first week of conditioning because they wouldn’t be able to follow the guidelines if everybody was on the field.

The Rams decided to bring the older players back first with the younger ones hopefully coming back in phase three.

The team then split up into three groups.

“A weightlifting group, a run group and a football group. Trying to keep them by positions where we can kinda catch up on some of the things we left, or missed during the spring and it helps keep our numbers down,” Rams head football coach Loren Tillman said.

Phase one went well for the team, but Bay District Schools is moving into phase two of the guidelines on Friday, meaning football teams can do a little bit more.

The biggest thing for the Rams is being allowed to have up to 50 people on the field outside.

“We’ll still have the social distancing, but we can do instead of teaching them in three groups, we can teach them in one group and they can see how everything will blend together,” Tillman said.

Tillman said when they work in two or three groups, they don’t see how their part fits in to the whole team.

“When we can get them together and we can show them how the puzzle looks and then we can break them apart and then they can work on their part of it, it makes them a whole lot easier for them to understand how their part fits in the whole picture,” Tillman said.

No matter what guidelines they have to follow, each player doesn’t want to waste the time they have been given and live up to their motto.

“Never be outworked, it says it on the sign over there. So we try not to be outworked and put more work in everyday,” Rutherford football player Jaylen Bouie said.

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