PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Gulf Coast women’s basketball team ended their NJCAA tournament run on Friday, after a questionable call led to their ultimate demise.

The Lady Commodores fell 71-69 to Jones College at the buzzer after officials put time back on the clock to give the Bobcats a chance at one final shot.

The Bobcats scored with the 1.2 seconds added to regulation, but Gulf Coast Head Coach Rory Kuhn said the game should have been decided in overtime.

“When that ball went through I mean, being that I had a sixteen-hour bus ride back, so I watched it about a hundred times, I saw and so did a million other coaches that it should have been 0.3 to 0.6 left on the clock,” Kuhn said. “How they came up with the 1.2, I don’t know. And 1.2 is enough time to catch and get a shot up, you know, 0.3 to 0.6 wouldn’t have been. And you know, a game of that magnitude I thought should have been ended in overtime. You know, both of the two teams earned it and played as hard as they could.”

Panhandle Conference rival Northwest Florida State, who Gulf Coast beat in January, went on to win the NJCAA championship on Monday.

Coach Kuhn said it’s of course too late now, but he would have liked another crack at the Lady Raiders for the title.

“If you survive in advance, you never know where you might go,” Kuhn said. “And I’ve said it all year, you know, the two best teams I thought in the country, Northwest Florida and us and obviously, Northwest Florida, wound up being the best team in the country. And we were one of the four teams that beat them the entire year. But I’m happy for them that they won and it shows what I’ve always said all along, how great this conference is. It’s the best in the country.”

Gulf Coast finished the season at 25-5 overall.