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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – The Pro Watercross National Tour began Saturday morning behind Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant.

This is the second consecutive year the tour has been hosted by Sharky’s, as it was one of the first sporting events to be held here amid the pandemic last summer.

In a simple description, watercross is jet ski racing, but racer Tory Snyder says it much more than that.

“It is high flying, fun, fast, speed, all on the water, no brakes, it’s, I can’t even describe it, it’s something different,” Snyder said.”

Racers from all over the world and as far as South Africa competed Saturday morning in the national tours third stop of the year, and race announcer, Rick Lake, says the competitors are of all ages.

“The riders start young,” Lake said. “We start at 10-years-old and they have shown to be incredibly competent on the machines, most of them get instructions, usually it’s their parents that they follow in the footsteps of, and so they’re riding from a young age and so by the time they get to 12, 13, 14, they’re incredibly good and they start challenging the adults at that point.”

Snyder came out victorious today in the pro am races, although in one of the moto’s he was involved in a crash that forced the race to start over. But he says taking the risk in worth the thrill.

“On our watercraft, we’re going 80 miles per hour, it’s going so fast you can’t even, you just have to go, you can’t even stop,” Snyder said. “So it’s super exciting to watch, it is very dangerous but it is fun.”

The races were held behind Sharky’s beachfront restaurant, they played host the watercross tour for the second consecutive year. But the restaurants marketing director, Grant Wittstruck, says

“For us to be able to host this for a second year, and we’ll have it again for a third year, but we’re really hoping it becomes the forever home in Panama City Beach for pro watercross,” Willstruck said. “Because it’s just a phenomenal event, these ski’s and the people, and the water, it’s just a great even here on the beach.”

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