PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Panama City amateur MMA fighter Deante Brown is gaining national attention after he performed a perfect 360 knockout kick at the Beatdown at the Beach on Saturday.

It was so good that even SportsCenter named it their No. 1 play on Monday.

“Growing up I’ve always wanted to be able to participate in something like this. I’ve told my mother my family, my close friends I feel like I was meant for this sport,” Brown said.

Brown only started training to be an MMA fighter six months ago and got the opportunity to participate in his first real fight this past weekend.

WATCH: Local MMA fighter performs incredible knockout kick in Beatdown at the Beach

In that fight and just a few seconds into the second round, Brown shocked the crowd by pulling out a 360 kick that looked like something out of a Jackie Chan movie to knockout his opponent.

Brown said he honestly didn’t plan on doing it, but he was a little worn out after a tough first round.

“My arms were really really tired going into the second round so I knew that I hadn’t used my legs too much yet so they’re still pretty fresh and I either want to survive this round and make it to a third or survive this round and get a win,” Brown said.

He’s been practicing that move for a few months now, but even his own coach didn’t expect him to do it in his first fight ever.

“First time we went running, he did this kick. I said, ‘what was that, do it again.’ When he did, I was like ‘man that would be awesome if you could do it in the ring,;” Deante’s coach Angel Pratt said. “When I saw him come out in the second round and turn his back foot I was like ‘oh my god he’s doing the kick, it better land, it better land’ and when it did I went crazy, my voice is still hoarse.”

It wasn’t just his coach who got excited, the whole place at Laketown Wharf erupted in cheers. Brown said he heard people calling him the “Panama City Karate Kid,” and some even comparing him to Bruce Lee.

He said it’s been crazy for him since Saturday night, but he’s happy that he has the opportunity to do what he loves and hopes that it inspires someone else out there.

“And if I can inspire people to chase their dreams and you know tell them that it doesn’t matter what you go through or tell them that doesn’t matter how hard you fall as long as you have the willpower and determination to stand up for yourself, you can do anything you want to,” Brown said.

Brown plans to participate in the next Beatdown on the Beach by Impact Promotions which is set for July 24 at Laketown Wharf.