PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)– Panama City Beach resident and ultramarathon runner, Alyssa Amos Clark, broke the women’s record for most consecutive days to run a marathon distance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A few months ago, she was living in Italy with her husband, who is in the Navy and was stationed in Naples.

In March, people in Italy were restricted from running outside. Clark decided on March 31 that she would begin to run marathons, but inside.

“I decided to run a marathon every day on a treadmill until we were allowed to go outside, which was going to be about 15 days and it then escalated from there,” Clark said.

Clark then set her sights on breaking the women’s world record for consecutive marathons. She would need to run 61 in 61 days to do so.

“This never was really a goal or a dream of mine in all honesty, but it became one when I had the other races and goals taken off the table,” Clark said.

There was an obstacle in her way however, she and her husband were moving from Italy to Panama City Beach where he would attend dive school.

However, the couple talked and knew it would be possible for her to break the record.

She ran her 61st straight marathon in Charleston, South Carolina in May just before moving to Bay County.

Once she arrived in the Sunshine State, she decided to keep the streak alive.

“When I got to 75, I still felt really good, so I thought I might as well just keep pushing along to 100,” Clark said.

Unfortunately the runner had to stop at 95 when she became ill.

“Several people around me started feeling quite ill and I started having chest pain and coughing and that was the day I stopped the marathons,” Clark said.

Although she wishes she could have made it to 100, she’s still excited to have broken the record.

“It was bittersweet to not hit 100 because I was definitely excited to hit that number but at the same time it wasn’t 100 or bust,” Clark said.

She and her husband self isolated and were tested for COVID-19. Clark said they have not received their results back as of Wednesday afternoon, eight days after testing.

However, they self isolated until it had been two weeks since she showed any symptoms.

Clark is still waiting to hear from The Guinness Book of World Records that she officially broke the women’s record for most consecutive days to run a marathon distance.

A Danish woman is said to have run 366 marathons in 365 days, however, she did not go through Guinness to secure the record.

“It’s a personal choice of hers and it’s a personal choice of mine to go after the official record,” Clark said.

If Guinness does not approve Clark’s record, she will still hold the American record.

“I’m excited about that and just excited I had the opportunity to do this challenge,” Clark said.

She said she hopes what she accomplished shows people to go after goals despite the pandemic.

“Don’t just sit and wait for things to change because we don’t know when that’s gonna happen, but as long as you’re responsible and safe, go after whatever you can find that really fulfills you,” Clark said.

The ultra runner hopes to compete in the first 200 mile race across Florida in November.