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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – North Bay Haven’s Camiren Gant is one of the top running backs in the state of Florida, but he wouldn’t have that title without his offensive line.

“I mean I thank them every play, every down every second, I’m nothing without them,” Gant said.

They are the reason Gant has 1,565 yards this season.

“It feels amazing to know that we did our job and we got our running back 200, 300 yards, it’s crazy that he’s getting that, but it’s also a product from us doing our job, everyone does their job, we trust each other 100 percent,” Buccaneers left guard Jesus Barragan said.

The Buccaneers offensive line is made up of five guys: right tackle Ayden Leon, right guard Josh Stuckey, center Trey Egert, left guard Jesus Barragan and left tackle Ben Burnham. All these guys take their job seriously out on the field.

“Just having to stick up for each other, just having to work as this complete unit cause if we don’t if one man messes up, it’s all over and Cam gets hit and you never want that to happen,” Stuckey said.

They do their job so the Buccaneers can win games.

“If we win the game, it’s cause of the offensive line, if we lose the game, it’s cause of the offensive line so we really try to put a lot of it on our backs and set the tone for the team,” Egert said.

However, when the stadium lights get shut off, these guys are still a family.

“O-line is just like D-line, every position is it’s own family, i will never not think of these O-lineman as my brothers, 10 years from now or 50 years from now, they are gonna be my brothers until I die,” Burnham said.

North Bay Haven has a matchup against Jay on Friday night at Bozeman.

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