PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Practice was extra special at Edgewater Gymnastics to celebrate National Gymnastics day on September 17.

“National gymnastics day means to me is like celebrating with my teammates and having so much fun at practice and just getting goals and having fun,” Edgewater Gymnast Gabriella Rohleder said.

Celebrating is not a foreign concept for these girls, as they are no strangers to the podium, but even more importantly they are constantly rooting for their teammates.

“They’re always cheering for each other,” Edgewater Gymnastics head coach Anna Rodriguez said. “They’re always so happy when their friends you know they win a medal or their team wins the big meet or they just get to see each other every day and they watch each other achieve these skills.”

For some their teammates, support is what makes this sport so meaningful.

“It makes me feel good like I have someone supporting me while doing gymnastics and I just feel more confident,” Edgewater Gymnast Elizabeth Alus said.

Edgewater wants the girls to feel the love not just today, but everyday.

“What they’re doing is not easy at all and the fact that they come in here everyday with the best attitudes,” Rodriguez said. “They’re here for each other. They’re supporting each other and they’re becoming such confident young ladies and that’s what we’re so excited about is one day when they’re done with gymnastics they’re going to go into the world as confident young women.”

National Gymnastics day is held on the third Saturday in September.