LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – Mosley girls soccer player Zamiyah Hill is averaging nearly three goals per match and is on pace to set the Dolphins single-season scoring record.

Hill, a sophomore, is in just her second season with the Dolphins and has already become one of the most prolific scorers in the state. But before Mosley, she went to a small Episcopal middle school and never experience such a big stage.

“Me, coming from Holy Nativity, a small little school and then going to this big school with like 2,000 people in it was like overwhelming,” Hill said. “And at first I was like oh my gosh there are people like watching me and like seeing me, and now I’m like okay, and I’m calm with it now.”

Hill’s high-level production, however, is no surprise to the people who know her best, as her training is already resembling that of pro athletes.

“I wake up, weightlifting 5 a.m., then I go to school, work, and then come here and then do it all over again,” Hill said.

As a freshman, Hill was the Dolphin’s number two scoring option behind the now Kentucky Wildcat, Emily Duncan. But the sophomore said that Duncan was a huge mentor and helped her transition into the lead role.

“I think everybody knew who I was and they knew how fast I was and they knew I could play her position just as good as she could,” Hill said. “And I try every day to be like her sometimes with the headers, because oh my gosh, she was amazing at headers.”

Mosley head girls soccer coach, Marek Betkowski, said that Hill is a generational talent and he expects her to be playing well after high school.

“She definitely going to play for division one college, if not national team,” Betkowski said. “I mean she has just everything she needs to have to play at the highest possible level.”

The Dolphins will face Navarre Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. at Bozeman high school.