LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Mosley Football Senior, Randy Pittman hopped on the Russell Wilson ‘Let’s Ride’ bandwagon.

Back in early June, the Denver Broncos tweeted a behind the scenes video of Russell Wilson chanting “Broncos Country Let’s Ride”.

Over the past couple of days, football players from all levels have been adding to the trend posting their versions of the viral video.

The Mosley football team posted Senior Tight End, Randy Pittman saying “Mosley Dolphins Let’s Ride”.

While this trend is all about having fun, it was that and more for Pittman.

“It was just meant to get people rolling,” Pittman said. “It’s very exciting you know to be able to do something Russell Wilson did. You know a lot of people around the world are doing it. For us to be apart of it I feel like it’s good, but I meant it. I meant everything I said. I feel like it’s go time. You know were here to put on a show for everyone. We’re going to come out here, we’re going to win games and we’re going to give everyone what they want.”

High school football teams are allowed to begin practice on August 1st, which means the Dolphins begin hit the practice field on Monday.