Mosley alum Ezra Gray preparing for NFL Draft

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(WMBB) – Now that the college football season is over, Mosley alum and Alabama State running back Ezra Gray is setting his sights on the NFL Draft.

He’s already getting ready to showcase his talents to scouts at the end of January. Gray was one of 40 players and just five running backs who were invited to the HBCU Combine taking place in Mobile from Jan. 28-29.

“All 32 teams will be there of course, but you know it’s different GM’s and different decision makers that will be there too, it just adds on to the pressure, that’s something I love,” Gray said. “That’s always when I get my best results, when the pressure’s on and things like that. Just being blessed for that opportunity, I’m really happy for it.”

To prepare for that combine, Gray is in Georgia training with one of the best, Chip Smith at Hammer Smith Sports.

Smith is known for working with professional athletes in the offseason and has trained with over 1,600 NFL players.

“Just the all the players who have come through there as soon as you go in the weight room you see Hall of Famers like Brian Urlacher, Champ Bailey and guys like that, guys you one day aspire to be like,” Gray said.

Gray, who racked up 1,875 yards on the ground and 256 receiving yards in his time with Alabama State, has already been projected to get drafted by HBCU Gameday.

In their mock draft, Gray is projected to go in the fifth round to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“That would be huge ya know. I would love to sit here and tell you a story, ‘oh when I was younger I had a little Tampa Bay Bucs uniform,’ but the truth is I didn’t. My mom and dad bought me a Jacksonville Jaguars uniform, but if Tampa Bay says we want you to come out here to Tampa I’m all here for it, whatever the team needs. Ain’t nothing like that Florida weather, 365 days of the year,” Gray said.

While there’s a lot of work to be done from now until April, Gray said his goal is to show the scouts he’s not just an incredible athletes, but a hard workers with a great attitude too.

Even if he doesn’t hear his named called in the draft, he’s not giving up his dreams of playing in the league.

“To hear your name called on draft day, there ain’t nothing like it, man, there’s nothing like that. But honestly, that’s not even my main goal. What a lot of people fail to realize, just because you make it to the NFL doesn’t mean you make in the NFL, my goal is to make a 53-man roster. Whether I hear my name called on Draft Day or not, I want be in there with a program with one of the teams and I want to make a roster,” Gray said.

This year’s NFL Draft is set to take place on April 28-30.

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