Mosley alum and Trevecca soccer player signs interesting NIL deal with Rick and Bubba Show

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(WMBB) – Lynn Haven native and Trevecca soccer player Kennedy Mullins took advantage of the new NCAA name, image and likeness ruling and signed a unique endorsement deal with the Rick and Bubba Show.

She’s been interning with the show this summer and one of the big conversations this week was the NIL deals athletes were signing.

“Literally just yesterday they were joking around saying like, you’re an athlete why don’t you sign, and so it was kind of like a funny haha joke kind of thing and then Bubba took a hold of it and was like no we are not kidding like this is actually serious,” Mullins said.

That’s exactly what happened live during the show on Wednesday.

A contract was given to Mullins on the show, which offered her $100 cash and three T-shirts, but she wanted to go big or go home for this deal. She wanted something extra: a Rick and Bubba Spatula too.

“The spatulas are huge, I have always heard about them like they do the wheel of meat if you ever listen to the show, and people are always wanting these spatulas and they are always sold out and so I was like this is my chance so I thought I’d just slip that one in there and I did and it worked,” Mullins said.

However, with every contract, both parties get something out of it.

Rick and Bubba want Mullins to post weekly about the show on Facebook and Instagram, which sounds easy, but she diagrees.

“I forget to call my mom every week so I am gonna have to set some reminders and list off some priorities and time management,” Mullins said.

While her deal is stranger than most, Mullins thinks the new ruling from the NCAA brings pros and cons to every team.

“It can be put in good places but it could also cause some friction like on the field between teammates and who’s getting money and who is not, so I am still a little on the edge about it but I love how my deal is just a little funny lighthearted thing,” Mullins said.

Mullins is definitely paving the way though for female athletes to take advantage of NIL.

She’s the first women’s soccer player from her school to sign an endorsement deal and possible the first athlete to do it live on a radio show too.

“That’s crazy like I have so many friends that play soccer in college now, and even at D1 universities, and its just crazy that this is even an opportunity, and if I can do it I am sure a lot of you could too so it’s encouraging for sure,” Mullins said.

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