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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – The Lynn Haven Storm Seniors football team is currently undefeated.

One of the players who has been a big part of those wins has the size, speed and power to take the team far this year, but you might be surprised when the helmet comes off.

That’s cause she’s a girl.

“It doesn’t phase me but it is a little weird to be around all the boys so,” Lynn Haven Storm player Faith Alvarado said.

The 11-year-old joined the Storm organization four seasons ago and now plays tight end and defensive end for their oldest team.

“She just kinda was a little natural at it, that I was like I’ve never, I don’t how she did that but she does it,” Lisa Alvarado, Faith’s mom, said.

While being the only girl on the squad doesn’t bother her, she does put in a little extra work on the field so she can prove to the other players she belongs there.

“To connect with them I have to earn their respect and I have to be good and do my best,” Alvarado said.

Head coach Ron Rogers said she might be the first girl he’s ever coached, but she’s still treated the same as all the guys.

“She earned her spot actually. She’s got the size and the speed, she’s got really good hands, she’ll get in their and tackle you, she’ll block you, she’s one I’ll tell her what to do and she does it,” Rogers said.

She makes an impact on the team too. In the Storm’s last two wins, she had two quarterback sacks, a couple tackles and a fumble recovery.

While this is still only the youth level, her mom said the sky is the limit for her.

“I think she would want to go all the way, NFL, she’s mentioned that so we’re gonna do it until she stops and maybe that won’t happen, maybe she will keep going,” Lisa Alvaredo said.

Faith is not thinking too far ahead right now as her focus is on getting better as a player and helping this Storm team.

However, she does hope that seeing girls out on the football field won’t be such a rare thing in the future.

“I hope I inspire them to get out there and try. Instead of like, if you want to do it then do it. Instead of holding back and regretting that you didn’t do it,” Faith said.

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