ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WMBB) – Mosley junior Valarie Solorio is getting set to compete in the Who’s Number One wrestling championship in Michigan, for the title of “No. 1 Wrestler in the United States.”

Solorio (No. 2) will face Gabriella Gomez (No. 1) in their third match against one another in the past two years in the 100 lb. weight class.

In their first match, Solorio defeated Gomez in the finals of the Fargo National Championships in 2021, but Gomez earned revenge in the U.S. World Team Trials this summer.

This competition will be the first that Solorio has been able to participate in since the beginning of the summer when she broke her hand, keeping her from defending her national title at Fargo, and from competing in the Pan American Game in Argentina.

Solorio said that coming into the match as the underdog gives her a mental advantage.

“Coming in at number two, I almost prefer it, there’s no pressure on my shoulders,” Solorio said. “As of right now, I’m expected to lose, I’m expected to go out there and make it a fight and fall short. She’s expected to win, she’s expected to do all these great things and if I can just override that, I’m fine with that.”

Solorio said that she’ll be proud of herself regardless of the outcome for being a top to wrestler in the United States, but winning will mean a lot to her.

“Since I won my Fargo National Title, my little brother changed my name on Netflix to ‘No. 1,'” Solorio said. “So, whenever I go to watch shows on Netflix it will show my account, like my profile picture, and then the name on it is ‘No. 1.’ So, to be able to make that come true, that’s a pretty big deal to me, like I’ll live up to my name that was given.”

Solorio will compete in the Who’s Number One match in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday, September 9, at 4:00 EST.