Local baseball player ranked near the top of the 2025 recruiting class

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Local baseball player, Cooper Moss, was ranked by Perfect Game Baseball as one of the top right-handed pitchers in his age group in the country.

Cooper is 14-years-old and just finished the 8th grade, but is already throwing 85 miles per hour.

The latest perfect game rankings were released this week and he was touted for his age as the No. 123 player in the country, No. 20 RHP, No. 18 player in Florida, and No. 4 in Florida at his position.

“It puts a lot of pressure on you, but it also give me a mentality to work harder, on and off the field,” Moss said.

The rankings were something that Moss has been looking forward to, and after they came out this week, his father, Steve Moss, says he has been discussing with his son how to go about the attention.

“Part of my job as a dad as well is to manage his expectations, Moss said. “We joked that when the rankings come out we’re going to have to buy new doors for my house so that his head would fit in. Because he was pretty excited, and I get that, but he and I also talked, I said listen buddy, you’re only 14-years-old, right, you’re in middle school making that transition to high school.”

Moss has been playing Perfect Game Baseball with Aces Elite for the past couple years and making big leaps in his game, but the next chapter heading into 9th grade, is something he’s looking forward to.

“I’m real excited,” Moss said. “I can’t wait for that high school transition, I can’t wait to be with high school buddies, and have that really good competitiveness of other players.”

Many young players have a difficult time transitioning to the next level, but his coach, Michael Chambers, says he is more than ready.”

“He’s very polished on the mound, he knows what do do in big situations, and he doesn’t let the big situations overwhelm him,” Chambers said. “That’s kind of hard. A lot of kids at this age are not mature enough as a 9th grader, but he’s got kind of a senior mentality already, so he’s ahead of the game when it comes to that and he knows what to do in the big game situations.”

Moss has had a ball and bat in his hands since before he could walk, but he also attributes much of his baseball skills and knowledge to where he grew up.

“I’m really lucky to live in such a great place with two great complex’s right near my house,” Moss said. “Great teams come here all the way from the whole world jus to play baseball here.”

And like many athletes at a young athletes, his dreams are big. But his work ethic, he says is even bigger.

“Obviously, (like) any baseball player, I’d love to play in the Major League,” Moss said. I put in hard work every single day, my moto is get better every day, I try getting better everyday on and off the field.”

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