Local 14U travel softball team finishes dominant 131 win season

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Despite their chilling name, Team Reaper, a 14U travel softball team from Marianna, could possible be one of the most fun squads to play the game.

Team Reaper wrapped up their season finishing third at the USFA World Series at the PCB Sports Complex on Saturday.

The group had a season for the ages, going 131-23-2 on the year, and Head Coach Lee Temples said his team has a good time, no matter a games outcome.

“I have quite the motley crew, that’s for sure,” Temples said. “But they’re all, like you said, they’re crazy, they get along, they have fun, win or lose, that’s our thing. We always have a saying, Team Reaper ball is no for everybody.

“When we’re winning the girls are having a great time and the teams don’t like it, even when we’re losing we’re still having a good time and the teams don’t understand it,” Temples said.

Team reaper is made up of girls from Marianna, Franklin County, Liberty County, Sneads, and they have one player from Dothan, but, Kennedy Temples, an upcoming sophomore at Marinna high school said the bond they’ve created together is something truly unique.

“This team is so special to me because all of us would lay down and die for each other,” Temples said. “And it’s so comforting to know that when I make an error, nobody is going to be mad at me and we’re all going to have each others backs all the time.”

Addison Giles, an upcoming freshman at Marianna, said the teams sisterhood was something that had to be built over time.

“Growing up, we have always went against each other actually,” Giles. “So I guess, us not liking each other and then meeting each others personalities, and you know, just us bonding together and spending time together, I guess that really helps, I mean we’re just, everybody has their own place, and that’s what makes us such a good team.”

And while Team Reaper finished third in their final tournament of the season, Kennedy Temples said they’re staying humble in their approach to the game.

“I love to see new teams and see new talent, because you really never get to see the whole world and what is out there,” Temples said. “So it’s definitely and eye opening experience, that oh, I’m not the best team around, like there’s people better than me and it keeps me motivated to keep getting better.”

Only four players from Team Reaper’s squad will be moving up to another age group next season, so they predict that they will keep to their winning ways when they return to play.

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