PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Former Gulf Coast men’s basketball assistant coach and school counselor Leon Miller was honored before the Commodores game Thursday night.

Miller was an assistant coach from 1975-1977 and a counselor for 30 years at the college. Many of his players were at Gulf Coast to recognize their former coach, making it a special night for him.

“I tried to get them to go on and be better in life like I was taught to go onto college and give back to the community of what you had learned in college,” Miller said. “And that’s what I enjoy doing when I was at Gulf Coast.”

The former Commodore players traveled from all over the country to see their coach, including Robert King, who played for Gulf Coast from 1975-1977 and came all the way in from Alaska.

“You just gravitated to him,” King said. “You could talk to him and he made you feel comfortable, his wife treated me like I was a son, it was just a wonderful experience to be around him and watch how he dealt with all the students.”

Another former player from the 1976-1977 season, Randy Nebit, was there to honor his coach and said Miller impacted his and many of his teammates’ lives.

“He had such a great impact,” Nesbit said. “So for Gulf Coast to build their tradition and build their heritage to show the past is important, it’s just a tremendous thing to honor Mr. Miller tonight.”