Glenwood Rattlers get big donation from local businesses

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Glenwood Rattlers got a big donation from some local businesses this week.

Glenwood Rattlers coach Robert Stewart made a Facebook post on Monday about wanting to get some new equipment for his players, like a football sled and a tunnel for them to run out of before games.

However, the prices for that equipment were a little steep. That’s when some Bay County businesses stepped up to help.

“I’ve asked for donations before and the fact I wasn’t even asking and people did this and they did abundantly. It literally brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing,” Stewart said.

One commenter on the post Alesia Rhodes said getting the equipment for the kids wouldn’t be a problem if 10 businesses donated $250 each and she started off by donating that amount.

Then History Class Brewery Company Owner Allan Branch jumped in to donate as well and also shared the post, getting almost 20 different businesses to donate.

In total, they raised over $5,000 for the Rattlers organization which meant the world to them.

“We’ll we’re dealing with kids that a lot of them are from low income housing. A lot of them that you know don’t have the money, parents don’t have the funds in order to make a lot of things happen for them. So by them donations coming in we’re making a lot of dreams come true. We’re making a lot of kids happy. And a lot of parents as well so it means a great deal to the Glenwood Rattlers Youth Association,” Glenwood Rattlers athletic director Van Mitchell said.

Coach Stewart couldn’t wait to tell his players what the community had done for them.

“When I was telling some of the kids about it I was like you know how the NFL players come out the tunnel, and say their names. And we’re gonna get smoke machines with it so we’re gonna smoke the tunnel up and you’re gonna get your name and number called, and you’re gonna come out. And they was like, ‘For real coach, for real coach,’ Stewart said.

Stewart said he thinks the bad weather on Monday also played a part in people wanting to donate.

“The tropical storm actually did have a lot to do with it. Like Allen said to me, people are, people are feeling kind of disturbed right now and this is something that will make people feel good so. Like his post said when he shared it hey while we’re facing Fred let’s do something good for the community right now. And people latched onto it and they came, and they came with a lot of love,” Stewart said.

The money will be used to buy the sled and the tunnel for the players, but also will be used on travel expenses since this will be the first year the kids will get to travel for some matchups.

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