EASTPOINT, Fla. (WMBB) – Franklin County head football coach and athletic director, Dirk Strunk announced his retirement on Thursday afternoon.

Strunk has spent the last three years coaching the Seahawks and has tallied 28 years of coaching experience around the southeast in Alabama and Kentucky.

He said the decision to step down was entirely his own and that health issues attributed to making the call.

“I’ve been struggling with some health issues here lately, and I’m a firm believer that if you can’t give 100 percent to the job, you need to make a change,” Strunk said. “And I felt like I just was at a point health-wise I couldn’t do it.”

Strunk, a Panhandle native from Niceville, said he and his wife plan to stay in Franklin County, but he’s looking forward to the next chapter.

“I just felt that it was that time,” Strunk said. “I’ve done it for 28 years. It was time for something new, time for a new challenge. And now I got some new challenges out there but I’ve gotten to work with some really great coaches and coach some really great kids and I consider myself blessed.”

At this time, Strunk said he is unaware of any candidates to fill his position as the head football coach or athletic director.