PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The Florida Roots Soccer Club is searching for its first win of the club’s third season.

Head Coach, Richard Kinniburgh has had the task of creating a team with 30 players from 15 nations.

“Trying to combine European styles, with South American styles, with an American style is in itself not easy,” Kinninburgh said.

The team has seen improvements over the last couple of weeks, with their last two games determined by one goal.

“After a lot of hard coaching and a lot of different changes that we’ve made, I feel like we could give any team in this league a definite run for their money,” Florida Roots attacker Quinn Carper.

Creating team chemistry between players has been key to recent growth.

“They went from almost a group of strangers to now the family that we were trying to build, so that’s really a lovely thing to see,” Kinniburgh said. “We’re getting the rewards by getting these games so much closer.”

In order to win the cup, the Roots will need to beat Pensacola and Tallahassee and those clubs will need to tie.

“We need to walk away with what we deserve now because we’ve been ever so unlucky with certain things,” Kinniburgh said.

The Roots will be at Tommy Oliver for the final time this season hosting Pensacola Saturday at 7 p.m.