FORT MYERS, Fla. (WMBB) – Jada Coleman, a four-time state champion at Sneads High School, continued her title streak in college, winning an NJCAA Championship at Florida Southwestern.

Coleman and the Buccaneers finished their 2022 season as state champions, national champions, and with a 27-1 overall record.

“Just winning throughout high school and then winning state in college and nationals in college, is definitely like my mindset is like I refuse to lose, I do not want to lose,” Coleman said. So, I feel like it’s just a really strong mindset to have to push myself and the people around me.”

While she might seem like a good luck charm, Coleman has also seen evidence to the contrary.

In her freshman season of high school and college, each of the local communities she played in were devastated by major hurricanes; Michael (October 2018) and Ian (September 2022).

“Having to join together through a tough time like that brought us all way closer together than anything else throughout the whole season could have,” Coleman said. “And that also helped us. And to just come together and work together as a team better.”

If she never played another match, Coleman would still be considered one of the most decorated volleyball players to ever compete in Florida.

She hopes that her success on the court outside of Jackson County influences younger players from her hometown to follow her lead.

“It’s really an honor to be able to honor Sneads High School,” Coleman said. “Because whenever I was younger, I looked up to girls like Taylor Roberts, you know, the Roberts sisters because they are great volleyball players, great athletes that went on to play great college ball. And I really hope to be that college athlete to some little girl like they were to me.”

With five state titles and a national championship in the past five years, Coleman has no intention of letting her winning streak come to an end.

“Us winning this year has started a mindset within our team that they also want to win the national championship,” Coleman said. So, just like in Sneads where we had the pressure on our back, my teammates, as well as myself, have an expectation in that we need to finish this like our years and continue to make the legacy for the Southwestern.”

After spending her sophomore year at Florida Southwestern State College, Coleman has plans to continue her volleyball career at a higher level.