SOUTHPORT, Fla. (WMBB) – Mikala Holmes, a 12-year-old gymnast at Edgewater Academy, has been ranked as the No. 1 Platinum gymnast on the floor in the entire nation.

Holmes has won four state championships at every level she’s competed in; Bronze, Silver, Gold and now Platinum.

Many of her coaches and peers have taken notice of Holmes’ calm and confident demeanor and she said she always tries her best to stay level-headed.

“I just keep calm and make sure I’m not nervous and if I get nervous then I’m not going to do my best on the event and then I’ll freak out,” Holmes said. “When I do a tumble bust then I’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh that’s not good, now what am I going to do?’ Stay calm, it will be fine.”

Holmes received her No. 1 ranking for her floor routine, as not once but twice she has received a perfect 10/10 in competition, something her coach Anna Rodriguez said is nearly impossible.

“Scoring two perfect 10’s on the floor, that is just every little gymnasts’ dream to get a perfect 10,” Rodriguez said. “I mean even at the University of Florida they have walls that say the perfect 10.0 club, we have on our walls and on our building, the perfect 10 club, the 38 club, and it’s what these girls want so badly.”

Holmes said that the moments when she received a perfect score are something she will never forget.

“It was an awesome feeling,” Holmes said. “Just having my teammates scream for me and jumping and being like ‘Oh my gosh you got a 10’ and I was like ‘yeah!’ I was screaming though, it was a good feeling.”

Holmes has also competed twice for Team Florida at regional competitions in Foley, Florida, and Edgewater Academy owner and head coach Pam Kitchen said that in itself is a huge honor.

“Florida is known around the country as being number one,” Kitchen said. “So, to be out there with the best of the best and to be on the top, wow, what a huge accomplishment. To be number one in the country, wow!”

The 12-year-old gymnast had big dreams when she grows up, which include possibly joining Team USA, but first, she said she wants to compete in the SEC.

“Another one is either going to Alabama or Florida gymnastics and maybe from there I can go to the Olympics, but yeah that’s one of my goals too,” Holmes said.