COTTONDALE, Fla. (WMBB) — The Cottondale football team is building a reputation with its high-powered offense scoring 360 points through eight games this season.

The Hornets have scored more points than any other Class 1 Rural team in the state, including the highest-ranked team in the class, Williston, averaging 45 per game.

Eleventh-grade duo, Cameron Odom and Joc Garrett are responsible for most of those scores, with a combined 39 trips to the Endzone. Odom rushed for 17 on his own while playing quarterback.

“When he gets close to the endzone he can smell it,” Cottondale head football coach Chris Obert said. “He can turn it up a notch.”

Garrett emerged as the Panhandle’s top rusher, already notching over 1,300 rushing yards on the season. Garrett leads his class in rushing yards and is less than 100 yards shy of his sophomore season total.

Odom is right behind Garrett, averaging over 100 yards per game, where he has perfected the quarterback keeper.

“We have a good line,” Odom said. “We’ve got a good group of guys on the line. And I trust them with everything I got in me.”

Another Hornet putting up a big number this season is eighth grader Tramond Collins. He leads his team in receiving yards, which allows Odom to show off his D1 arm.

“Tramond has been a big help,” Obert said. “He’s been able to give us a different type of threat that we’ve never had. It’s helped Cam with his passing game as well.”

The Odom-Garrett dynamic duo doesn’t just rack up the points. Odom leads the team in interceptions and Garrett is right behind him.

“It feels good to know that I have a partner with me in everything,” Garrett said.

The Hornets look to solidify their second consecutive season with a playoff berth, starting with Vernon on Friday, October 27, for senior night.