Bozeman football making up for lost spring

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bozeman football team has been working hard on the field for about four weeks now.

The Bucks are aiming high this year, hoping for a much better record than 6-5 and another playoff appearance.

“We’ve all bought in, we know what we want and we’re gonna go get it,” Bozeman football player Kenneth Warmack said.

The coaches are impressed with the turnout at these summer practices too. Bozeman head football coach Jason Griffin said they have had around 50 players at each session.

“I can’t be more pleased with the attitude and excitement and enthusiasm everyday it really makes it easy as a coach to come out here when you have kids that are excited and enthusiastic as our guys are,” Griffin said.

Although, the coaches know the real work starts after July 4. The players come back from a little break and will hit the ground running.

“When we come back from the 4th of July, in my mind and all the coaches mind, that’s essentially football season. I know camp doesn’t officially start until the 27th, but in our mind, the intensity ratchets up, we coach harder, we are a little more intense in our workouts,” Griffin said.

It’s important they do that as this year’s squad is made up of a lot of young talent.

“It’s kinda good cause we are a K-12, so sixth graders can come out and I came out my eighth grade year so I’ve been here this will be my fifth year,” Bozeman football player Charles Trumbell said. “We have this kid in eighth grade, he’s gonna be really good, he’s gonna be better than me, he’s really good.”

The Bucks are ready for the grind because for them the road to the playoffs starts right now.

“We gotta put in the work. We’ve already talked about it, we want to go to playoffs this year,” Warmack said. “We want to make another playoff run and if we are going to do it, it starts here.”

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