SAND HILLS, Fla. (WMBB) — The Bozeman football team, currently ranked No. 3 in Class 1R, is making history this season with their physical defense leading them to a perfect 6-0 record.

The Bucks have had an impressive season so far, putting up over 200 points through six games. What stands out even more, is the defense allowing just eight points per game.

“With the talent that we have on the defensive side of the ball, we match up with pretty much anybody,” Bozeman head coach Jason Griffin said. “I think we have the ability to play with anybody, any offense we’re going to see.”

The Bucks high-scoring offense credits their defense for quickly putting the ball back in their hands, forcing ten turnovers.

In their most recent outing, the Bucks hosted undefeated Destin, who came into the match averaging over 30 points per game. Bozeman handed the Sharks their first loss and only allowed nine points.

“You don’t see a lot of defenses doing that, especially with a team like Destin,” Bozeman senior defensive end Matthew Tew said.

Senior inside linebacker, Trevor Oswald leads his team in tackles, sacks, and fumbles, but he credits the ten other players for the success on the field.

“Everybody’s doing their part,” Oswald said. “It’s not just focused on like this group or that group, just doing everything to the fullest.”

While 6-0 for the first time in program history, this year’s team is chasing the 2012 team that won eight games. That team was known for its high-scoring offense, this one, hard-nosed football.

“I mean it’s the first time anyone has done it in Bozeman history,” Bozeman senior linebacker Gabe Rana said. “Our defense is physical. All 11 of us are physical.”

The schedule only gets tougher for the Bucks from here, but they are not going to back down from the challenge.

“I’ve heard we’re pretty good,” Griffin said. “I know people say that we’re pretty good. We’re about to find out. If we’re going to be who we think we’re going to be, it’ll be the teams that we need to beat. They’re coming right ahead of us.”

That strong schedule starts Friday with the Bucks traveling to visit Port St. Joe on October 13, kickoff set for 6:30 p.m. central time.