Blountstown’s Andrae Williams wearing No. 10 to honor late teammate

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BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) – The Blountstown Tigers are at the top of their game with a 4-0 record right now, and they hope that performance is making one Tiger, who is not out on the field with them, proud.

Tevaun Wint, who played with the Tigers last season, passed away in a car crash in February.

Tigers junior Andrae Williams was a good friend of his, and so instead of wearing No. 14 this season, he’s donning the No. 10 in honor of Tevaun.

“I honestly was shocked because I’m not sure why, it was an honor for them to ask me that and I feel like I had to say yes,” Williams said. “Me and Tevaun were so close, there’s nothing better to do than honor your friend and go out and honor your friend. So just going out there and doing it all for him.”

He’s taken playing for him to heart as he’s exploded this season, especially in the Tigers game against Freeport.

Williams had two receptions for 89 yards and a touchdown, rushed for 57 yards and a touchdown, and had two interceptions as well.

Head coach Beau Johnson said he knows Tevaun is watching him and would be proud.

“I think he would have a big smile on his face, he’s very happy for Andrae,” Johnson said. “They used to work out on the weekends and talk about getting out of here and going to college and playing ball and coming back to help their families and get a great education… I’m sure Tevaun was smiling, big big smile.”

It isn’t just Williams who is honoring Wint, but the entire team too.

A locker remains empty for him and many of the players have ‘Long Live Tevaun’ etched on their cleats.

Williams said everything they are doing really makes it feel like Wint is there with them on the field on Friday nights.

“Even with him not being here, I know that I still he’s there even though he’s not there. Just having a little bit of faith with him and God by my side and going out and doing what I got to do,” Williams said.

The Tigers are doing everything they can to keep his memory alive and are working to win it all for Tevaun.

“To play as hard as we can for him, leave everything on the field, don’t leave anything on the field saying what ifs or I should have, so that’s what I’m gonna live by and hopefully my teammates,” Williams said.

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