Blountstown volleyball program adds former player Emma Richards to coaching staff

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BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) – The Blountstown volleyball program added former Tiger Emma Richards to their coaching staff this week.

Richards graduated in from Blountstown in 2019 and went on to play at Gulf Coast. She finished up her final season with the Commodores this past Spring.

She’s taking a semester off from school this fall and thought it would be a great opportunity to get her coaching career started as it’s something she’s always wanted to do.

“Volleyball has given me like so much, like memories, friends, life lessons, and I feel like the least I can do is to be able to coach and give the knowledge that I’ve learned back to the younger generations so I’m really excited to be able to give back to volleyball in that way,” Richards said.

She also said she feels like she can connect with the players on a deeper level since she competed on that same court and put on that same jersey.

“I hope that we’re going to be able to get out there and compete and have fun and win some games. It’s going to be, like we have a tough schedule and it’s going to be funny because its, I’m going to want to like go play with them, but I’m not going to be able to, it’s different coaching but I think it’ll be fun and exciting even though I’ll be on the sidelines,” Richards said.

Richards is only helping out for this season, but hopes that after she finishes school she will be able to continue coaching the younger generation, whether it’s at Blountstown or somewhere else.

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