BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) – A Blountstown football player has been charged following an altercation that occurred with a Marianna player on Friday night.

Marianna’s 42-18 victory at Blountstown on September 8, was overshadowed by a Bulldog’s player being hospitalized and the events that led up to it.

The Marianna offensive lineman, who was allegedly hospitalized from an altercation occurring in the 3rd quarter of the game, continued playing through the majority of the 4th quarter.

It was reported that Blountstown defensive lineman Gavin Lambeth and Marianna’s Ethan Lipford were involved in a scuffle after the whistle, where Lambeth removed the helmet from Lipford and hit him in the face with it.

Lambeth was ejected from the game and it was alleged that Lipford was sidelined with concussion-like symptoms, then air-lifted to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to receive tests.

Video footage sent to News 13 shows the altercation, but the timing of the ensuing events is in contradiction with the initial reports.

Lambeth and Lipford’s altercation occurred during the play beginning with 7:11 remaining in the third quarter, recorded play No. 70 of the game.

The video does not show the events after the whistle on play No. 70, but Lambeth was reportedly ejected and Lipford continued to play through the end of the 3rd quarter and on into the 4th.

On the second to last drive of the game, video shows that on recorded plays No. 113 and No. 116, Lipford engaged Blountstown’s No. 22 knocking him to the ground in both plays.

On play No. 118, with 2:20 remaining in the 4th quarter, Lipford and Blountstown’s No. 22 collide and video shows Lipford is noticeably shaken from the blow, his legs wobbling underneath him.

Play No. 118 was Lipford’s last before being removed from the game, which is 48 recorded plays and 16:51 minutes of game time following the altercation with Lambeth.

A doctor reportedly examined Lipford on the sideline where he began exhibiting concussion-like symptoms with slurred speech and reduced motor function in his ability to walk.

It was at that point, at the conclusion of the game, that Lipford was transported to Calhoun Liberty Hospital.

From there, Lipford was air-lifted to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Neuro Center, which was the protocol for his diagnosed condition at the time.

Lipford’s family said he was treated overnight and diagnosed with a “serious concussion” before being discharged Saturday morning to continue recovering at home.

On Tuesday, September 12, Blountstown said that Lipford’s family had filed aggravated battery charges against Lambeth. The complaint record and affidavit have not been released to News 13 at this time.

Lambeth reportedly appeared before a judge on Wednesday, September 13, who ordered him to a juvenile facility while authorities and the State Attorney’s Office investigated the case.

The Florida High School Athletic Association has launched its own investigation into Lambeth’s actions that caused his ejection.

On Thursday, FHSAA Associate Executive Director Scott Jamison declined to comment on the investigation but said that they will release a ruling to Blountstown High School “as soon as possible” once the investigation is complete.