Bay High alum Michael Johnson inducted into UNA hall of fame

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Panama City native and Bay High School alum Michael Johnson was inducted into the University of North Alabama’s hall of fame on Saturday.

The star linebacker led the UNA defense from 2006-2009 and was named an All-American in his junior and senior seasons.

“To be inducted was just like wow, I’m one of those guys like I don’t know it’s kind of like being put into forever,” Johnson said. “Like wow, nobody can ever take this from me. This is something that my kids can look back on and be like dad must’ve been pretty good or something. So, it’s very humbling to just be included in such a great group.”

Johnson also played in the NFL, signing to the Seatle Seahawks in 2010 and later with the Kansas City Chiefs, but said he was most proud of representing his home roots.

“Coming from Panama City I feel like the odds were stacked against me because it’s not like a big football place, or at least it isn’t now, it used to be,” Johnson said. “But just being able to represent my family, represent my city, represent the state of Florida in enemy territory, which is what I call Alabama, it’s like enemy territory. So just being able to leave a legacy at a university is a bit overwhelming.”

Johnson has two sons who both play at his former school, Bay High, and is also on the coaching staff at Gulf Shores High School, and he said his new role is one he’s really embraced.

“To be honest with you man, all my accomplishments and all of my accolades, if you could put it into money it wouldn’t buy me a cup of coffee. But it is a conversation starter to the next generation, and that took me to understand that that’s what my role is now, it’s not to hold on to all of this knowledge, it’s to pass it on to the next generation.”

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