Bay County High Schools team’s summer workouts begin today

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – High School teams all over Bay County were allowed to begin summer workouts Monday morning. Local football teams jumped on the opportunity to get started.

Over at Bay High School Monday morning, head football coach Keith Bland said he had around 40 players show up to get paperwork done and get going.

“Very pleased with the turnout. I think it shows they are ready to get back with their teammates. That’s like their family, their athletic family they want to be around,” Bland said. “Even at times they like to be around us, imagine that, the coaches, kids wanting to be here. It’s a great thing though, it’s good they want to be here.”

Bland said Monday was all about figuring out the groups as they had to split the team up into smaller sections according to the county’s athletic guidelines.

Bland said it was great to see the guys and even though they aren’t able to do much with them yet, it was good to get them back into the weight room and start seeing where they are at with conditioning.

“With teenagers you know being around them as long as I have and being one myself, if you don’t inspect on a daily basis you may not get returns so it’s good to have them under our supervision to make sure they are getting the proper workout in,” Bland said. “You don’t want them to come in the last week of July and say we’re ready to start practicing but you haven’t conditioned all summer, you run the risk of losing them the whole season due to injury.”

Bay County is still in phase one of the athletic guidelines. Phase two allows football teams to do a little more with conditioning and allows other teams to even start practicing. To see all the guidelines, click here.

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