PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bay County Disc Golf Club held their first tournament of 2021 on Saturday at Majette.

They had around 90 disc golfers participate in this year’s Bay County Kickoff event and nine pro players.

There was much anticipation for this event because it filled up in 72 hours and even had a wait list of people hoping to get an open spot.

This was also the first time that the kickoff tournament was held in Bay County due to Majette being fixed up this past year.

Many of the disc golfers were excited to play the course because it’s a unique on with it’s own challenges.

“We say there are the three B’s of Majette. We have the bays, which are the ponds, you have the breeze, which is the wind that’s whipping today and you have the bluffs, we have the hills where baskets are on them and T-pads,” Bay County Disc Golf Club president Brent Gann said. “And so those three things really make the course difficult but they also make it fun and unique. It’s not really like anything else in the area.”

The wind might have been the biggest challenge that the disc golfers had to overcome on Saturday.

“We’re seeing scores are much higher than we thought they would be. It’s been really windy, we started with between 15 and 20 knot winds, it’s been up as high as 30,” Gann said. “But today has been a day of windy blasts making the discs fly differently so everybody has had to adjust all day.”

The breeze didn’t stop some of the disc golfers from showing off.

One of the pros, Todd Rowell, made an ace on Hole 17. It was the first ace made in a Bay County Disc Golf Club tournament.

To see the full results from the event, click here. If you would like to get involved with the Bay County Disc Golf Club, click here.