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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – It’s not uncommon for athletes to compete in multiple sports during their four years in high school, but it’s very rare those athletes compete in two sports that are held during the same season.

However, Arnold senior Lexy Griffin and junior Karen Jones have been doing it for years.

From the months of October to February, Griffin and Jones are incredible busy as they are star players for both the Marlins soccer and basketball teams, which are played at the same time.

Even though these two girls have to juggle multiple practices and games a week, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Most people when I tell them my schedule they react kind of of negatively towards it, and why would you put yourself through it. It’s a love hate relationship but mostly love,” Jones said.

“Time just flies by, we’re also very competitive athletes, me and Karen we love to win games, I think that’s part of the reward too, when we show progress in each sport, it’s double the successful-ness,” Griffin said.

Something like this couldn’t be done without the help of their coaches.

They work out their schedules before the season begins and if a conflict occurs, they figure out which game is more important for the two to be at or split them between the two teams.

Sometimes they even play a basketball game and soccer match in the same night.

While it can be stressful for both Jones and Griffin, they said playing both sports does benefit them.

“One of our great qualities is we can keep going, keep going, keep going. I think a lot of basketball players struggle with that because it’s quick spurts, but soccer has helped us with that long endurance. Same with soccer, soccer has quick spurts where you can try and get an opportunity to score and basketball helps with that,” Jones said.

However, juggling both soccer and basketball at the same time comes with it’s difficulties too. Similar to how a brain can switch between two languages quickly, these girls have to do that with both sports.

“Actually in basketball, I get called for this quite a bit, I don’t know if anyone ever notices. I forget what it’s called I think deflection or something because I’ll stick my foot out, like the girl will do a bounce pass and I’ll stick my foot out or kick the ball or start juggling in basketball games, and I’m like oh my gosh wrong sport, wrong sport and I’ll have to click back in,” Griffin said.

Both teams support Jones and Griffin throughout the season, but these two know they wouldn’t be able to get through the winter without each other.

“She’s been such a help and such a rock whenever I’m stressed and she’s literally the only person who understands how hard it is sometimes and I couldn’t do it without her, next year I don’t know what I’m gonna do without her,” Jones said.

“I say this all the time, this would be impossible to do without Karen, there’s times when I’m tired I don’t want to go out to practice I just want to go home and sleep and Karen’s like come on Lex you gotta get out there and there’s some days where she does the same thing,” Griffin said.

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