PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Majette Monster Mash disc golf event returned to Panama City for the fourth year.

The event is focused on bringing the fun of Halloween and mixing in the disc golf competition.

Costumes are a big element of the Majette Monster Mash. Tournament director, Brent Gann had to show off his style for his costume by channeling his inner Swifty.

“When people show up to this event Sparks Fly,” Gann said. “I think they’re enchanted to be here, and overall I think it’s a lot of fun.”

There are other ways to win at this tournament, besides winning on the course.

“We have a costume contest,” Gann said. “Everybody’s decked out, we have a mustache contest. We have a Ms. Stash of the Mash for people who want to wear fake mustaches and really just get that Travis Kelce vibe down and really bring a lot of excitement to the event so that everybody can leave and feel like they had a part of it.”

There were participants from as young as eight years old to 64 years old with people traveling from all around the country competing in the event.

“We started off with 95 blank spaces for people to write their name in and just really got to see a lot of people from all over join we’ve got people from all over the US,” Gann said.

The typical course has 18 holes, but to celebrate the size of this year’s event, they added an extra spooky hole.

“We have a reputation for some of the best holes out here,” Gann said. “We asked people if they were ready for it. And what we did is we created an extra hole it’s a ghost hole. “It allowed us to get more people in it for the largest event we’ve ever had.”

Majette Monster Mash results:

Mixed Pro Open:

1st: Kaleb Skinner (-24)

2nd: Jesse Adams (-12)

3rd: Dustin Saboe (-4)

Mixed Pro 40+:

1st: Aaron Fahey (-14)

2nd: Laymon Gray (-10)

3rd: Webb Warren (-8)

Mixed Amateru 1:

1st: Dustin Garner (-14)

2nd: Joseph McGowan (-8)

3rd: James Harris (-7)

Women’s Amateur 1:

1st: Violet Holst (-3)

2nd: Hannah Smith (+1)

3rd: Jenna Wetherell (+26)

Mixed Amateur 40+:

1st: Nathan Fontenot (-11)

2nd: Mike Gelsomino (-9)

3rd: John Laubenthal (-5)

Mixed Amateur 50+:

1st: Lance Griffin (-14)

2nd: James Coste (-8)

3rd: Richard Higbee (-6)

Mixed Amateur 60+:

1st: William Doc Campbell (+6)

Mixed Amateur 2:

1st: Carson Taylor (-16)

2nd: Richard Carpenter (-12)

3rd: John Adams (-11)

Mixed Amateur 3:

1st: Michael Bennett (-22)

2nd: Tim Mello (-15)

3rd: Justin Benavidez (-12)

Mixed Amateur 4:

1st: Chris Mould (-6)

2nd: Jakob Odell (-5)

3rd: Isaac Kriens (-2)

Mixed Junior <15:

1st: Caleb Martin (-9)

2nd: Nicolas Martin (-3)

3rd: Waylon Bracewell (-1)