FREEPORT, Fla. (WMBB) — Last season, the Freeport football team hit the ground running, with a start that every team wants, then a road block turned freeport’s 3-0 season into a 4-7 season.

“The beginning of the year went as well as we could have planned it in terms of player health, wins and losses, that sort of stuff,” Freeport head coach, Shaun Arntz said. “Had a lot of success and then we played a really tough Blountstown team and a couple of injuries happened, a couple of attitudes happened and whenever you have a roster as small as what we typically have either one of those things can be very detrimental, but when you get both of them at the same time it can really set you back like it did us last year.”

During his time as a Bulldog, senior quarterback, Ashton Nunes has thrown for about 4500 yards and over 40 touchdowns.

Nunes said last year’s struggles did more to the team than just causing them to lose games.

“I think the joy of the game got last last season,” Nunes said. “This season we’ll try to have more fun, which I hope will lead to more wins.”

Nunes is hopeful that last year’s experience will be a lesson they can use this upcoming season, but that’s not the only challenge the bulldogs have to overcome.

“You got to be real creative,” Arntz said. “Coaches have to be open to sharing players. Players have to be open to playing various positions, so we use that to our advantage, our creativeness and our ability to work with each other and make the most of that situation.”

The Bulldogs will be a senior led team this upcoming season with 10 seniors, which includes Tracker Thomaston, who was near the top of the state in tackles last year.

“He has a nose for the football. It doesn’t matter if he gets blocked, it doesn’t matter if he makes a wrong read,” Arntz said. “He always ends up near the ball carrier, so having him there is a great safety blanket.”

Thomaston says he’s excited for the non-district match-ups because even though they have a size advantage, he sees it as a compliment to be on their schedule.