EASTPOINT, Fla. (WMBB) — The Franklin County football team is adding a physical brand under new head coach John Cooper.

The Seahawks have notched just four wins over the last four seasons. The program’s only winning season was back in 2017, when they went 6-4. During that season, Cooper was on the coaching staff.

“We have two goals in mind,” Cooper said. “One is to establish a weight room culture because if your program doesn’t have a weight room culture, you’re just not going to be very good. The second one is just a physicality brand of football.”

The roster this year is currently sitting at 37 players, which Cooper said is one of the largest the program has had.

“I don’t know what the season might bring, but I know that the kids are excited,” Cooper said. “I’m excited. Relationships are there and they’re ready to hit somebody.”

The Seahawks are confident in the defense this season, especially the front seven.

“I mean we have a lot of linebackers,” Franklin County senior defensive end Lonnie O’Neal said. “Our linebackers are physical, they’re strong, they’re down to hit and get dirty.”

On the offensive side of the ball, a lot of the players are young and lacking experience, but have the talent. Sophomore, Owen Juno will be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks this season.

“He’s really growing his physique,” Franklin County senior wide receiver Ethan Kembro said. “He’s got that arm on him now. He’s put a lot of work in over the offseason.”

The excitement is there for the Seahawks, as they are striving to make Friday night football the talk of the town.

“Everybody loves coming in vacation a little bit in Franklin County,” Cooper said. “We want to be known for more than just St. George Island or the Little Market Street on Apalachicola. We want to be known for football too, around here. We want to be the place to be at the nest on a Friday night.”

The Seahawks start the regular season on the road at North Bay Haven on Friday, August 25.