PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — A golfer born and raised in Panama City Beach is turning pro.

Lindsey Harrison began playing golf when she was seven years old. After a decade on the course, she earned a scholarship to play at Troy.

After college, she returned to Bay County and now teaches at the Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club.

Harrison received her certification for PGA of America on April 1.

“That’s kind of a dream come true to be honest with you,” Harrison said. “I’ve always wanted to be around golf, even to this day I get the five year question, what are you doing in five years? I was just like ‘I’m just enjoying what I’m doing now.’ You know I love teaching, I don’t want to be fully a teacher, I don’t want to be playing fully so I’m kind of at that gray point where I can do whatever I want with it now.”