PANAMA CITY, Fla. – High School athletes are role models on the field, but they also set examples when they aren’t playing. That’s exactly what Michael Johnson did Wednesday when he saw his neighbor in trouble. 

The Glenwood Rattler JV football player was hanging out with a friend outside his house when he noticed smoke coming from his neighbor’s porch. 

He went over to investigate to find that part of her house was on fire. 

Johnson started to try and stamp the fire out, but the flames were growing up the side of the house. He ended up knocking on his neighbor’s door and made sure she was safe and out of the house before calling 911. 

Firefighters arrived and helped put the fire out. 

“It was amazing, he didn’t even think about himself. Most teenagers think about themselves,” Bethany Null, a neighbor who witnessed his action’s said. “This kid, he didn’t think about himself, he went right into action started stepping on the fire. He’s a good kid.”

Johnson said it was almost instinct for him to help. 

“When you see something, you do something, he always tells me when you see something that’s wrong, go make it right,” Johnson said. “I really don’t want anything from it, but I really just wanted to make sure that lady was okay because she’s nice to me so I was nice to her and vice versa.”

The community wanted to give back to Michael for what he had done. They bought him a new pair of shoes, a basketball hoop, a basketball and footballs.