PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Majette Disc Golf Course held its second annual Northwest Florida Disc Golf Championship on Saturday.

Participant Violet Holst, an eighth-grader, plans to play in the Junior World tournament in a couple of months.

“I love disc golf and the community and I’ve definitely like grown,” Holst said. “And my skills have definitely gotten better.”

She is also showing that teenage girls like disc golf too.

“So many people my age are playing disc golf and not too many female players play, so I get to see like my gender and my age set,” Holst said. “And we all love the same thing which is disc golf. So I’m really excited about like competition.”

Holst said that when she first started playing the sport, people found it annoying to play rounds with her. But now, as she’s improved they like playing with her.

“It used to be annoying because I would play with like a group and they’d be like ‘ahh I’m teamed up with Violet, ahh she’s just a girl,”‘ Holst said. “But I’ve gotten better and once they see me play they’re like ‘oh she’s pretty alright.’ So I like it.”