Sports in the south usually consist of football, basketball, and baseball, but another is on the way – lacrosse. It is the fastest growing sport in America, but it’s slow to arrive in Panama City.

“Take hockey, basketball, and soccer – combine the three sports, you pretty much have lacrosse,” Jamie Hansen explains.

The sport is catching fire all over the state. But, there’s one place it’s yet to really grab a hold – the Panhandle. However, a few members of our community are trying to help it along.

“When I came down here and realized there weren’t any leagues, I just decided to randomly offer a clinic,” North Bay Haven teacher Katie Crossman says, “We have about 25 kids total in this 5 week clinic.”

Another trailblazer is a Mosley senior, who spent most of his time traveling to play the sport he loves.

“I have to travel quite a bit. The closest team is an hour and a half away,” Michael Selhorse says, “Our tournaments are three to four hours away, and then in the summer, I have to go four hours for practices.”

The traveling is paying off, though, because Selhorst is committed to play lacrosse at Greensboro College in North Carolina. His main goal is to spread the sport as much as possible.

As for high school lacrosse, a group of Seacoast High School athletes made history earlier this year by having the first varsity team in our area.

So what is next for our community and this fast paced sport?! Well just like people always say: “You don’t know until you try.”

“The kids just love it, lacrosse is easy to pick up if you are an athlete, like to play, and work hard,” says Crossman.